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Take charge of your life, get the facts, and live smoke-free!

  • Too many girls are smoking. More than 21 million adult women and 1.8 million girls smoke in the US.
  • Smoking is not healthy, pretty, cool, or fun. Tobacco companies sell cigarettes by showing you models who make smoking look cool and grown-up. Here’s the truth: It causes cough, asthma, trouble breathing, wrinkles, cancer and more!
  • Girls get addicted to nicotine easily and at a younger age than boys. If you start smoking before you turn 17, you will find it very hard to quit. Even just a few cigarettes can cause you problems.
  • Secondhand smoke is not healthy either. You may breathe in someone else’s smoke in the air. This exposes your body to poisons that can hurt your lungs and cause cancer.








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