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how to quit
Smoking causes lots of problems, like:
  • Having to hide, tell fibs, or keep secrets from your friends or family
  • Spending all of your money on cigarettes instead of music or going to the movies
  • Turning your teeth and skin yellow
  • Making it hard to breathe
  • Causing disease and sometimes death

The tips below will help you get your life back!



How to QuitPick a “quit” date and tell your friends all about it. Send them an ecard to share your quit date. Your date should be easy to remember such as a friend’s birthday, or your own. Now, that’s a date to celebrate!

When your quit day arrives, get ride of your cigarettes, ash trays, matches and lighters… anything that reminds you of smoking.

You will have frequent urges to smoke. When this happens, take a few deep breathes, or go for a walk. You can get through those urges without picking up a cigarette.

Be sure to spend time with people who don’t smoke, who won’t How to Quitencourage you to smoke, and spend time in places where you can’t smoke.

Send the message to people in your family and put up a No Smoking Room door hanger. They’ll get the message that there’s no room for smoking in your life!

Your body and mood will go through some changes when you quit. You can handle those changes by: being active, taking a walk, riding a bike eating healthy food. You’ll become happier if you do.

Remember: smoking has bad effects on you, your body, your environment, and your wallet! If you do end up picking up a cigarette, you’re not a failure. But, do start over and quit again.

Finally, talk with your doctor. They can help you quit, and in some cases, prescribe a nicotine patch or gum.

For more information, contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1-800-CDC-1311 or visit:



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