about this site

The No Smoking Room started with a group of grown ups concerned by the number of girls, and women, who smoke. We know that girls are influenced to smoke by many media and social pressures. We have also learned how the internet plays a big part of young people’s lives. We decided to reach out to a community of young girls across North America who could tell us how to share our message with young girls just like you using the internet.

Our “focus groups” with girls at community centers around the country, including Girls, Inc. sites in Indiana and Kentucky, were very informative. The girls were creative and engaging, and wanted to spread the word about living smoke-free. They drew websites for us to make sure that we understood what they wanted in a website. They spoke – we listened!

We also developed a girl’s advisory group, who kept the grown ups on track with their vision. You can learn more about the girls who helped design this site by clicking here.

We are proud of all of the girls who helped to bring the No Smoking Room alive. Our motto here is: There is no room for smoking in our lives!

While at the No Smoking Room, you can:

Build your own No Smoking Room and invite your friends to a Girlz Night In: If you like to be creative, then visit this page to make your own room. You can use your private journal to share your feelings about ways to protect yourself and others from the dangers of smoking.

Test your brains: So, you think you know most everything about smoking? Take this quiz and see how much you know.

Send an e-card: You may have a parent who smokes, or a friend who is curious about smoking. Send them a friendly e-card to let them know that there’s no room for smoking in their lives. Or, just send a card to say hi!

Make your own door hanger: Are you someone who likes their own privacy? You can tell the world by making your own No Smoking Room door hanger. This is a nice reminder to let people know that smoking is not allowed. You can hang it on the front door of your house, or on your bedroom door.



A Note to Parents

The No Smoking Room is committed to protecting the privacy and safety of our online audience. Our website is a place for girls, and their family members, to participate in educational activities around smoking prevention and cessation information. We encourage you to visit our website with the girls in your life.
Here are some frequently asked questions about what steps we take to insure that our website continues to be a safe and supportive community for girls.

What information do you collect from girls?
There is only one way for girls to contact us through our website: feedback forms. Throughout the site, girls can provide their anonymous feedback through polls, quizzes and surveys. For these types of activities, we will not ask for any personally identifiable information (i.e. last name, address, email address).

Do you share information with outside parties?
The No Smoking Room never shares information with third parties. The information and data we collect from girls is used only to improve the site and never for any commercial purposes.

Does the No Smoking Room offer message boards?
The No Smoking Room does not offer message boards or chat rooms.

For More Information please email us at: info@nosmokingroom.org

No Smoking Room is based at Dartmouth Medical School and Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth in Hanover, NH. The website was created through an educational grant from Pfizer, Inc. Please send us your comments or questions to: info@nosmokingroom.org.