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Girlz Advisory

Groups of girls all across North America helped create this website. Our Girls Advisory Group met regularly over phone and email to review the website and suggest changes.

They helped guide all the adults connected with this site to make sure it would be informative and fun! Be sure to drop them a note here and let them know how they did!

Check out their bios below!




Girlz Advisory

Ariella Daisy GraphicMy name is Ariella and I am 8 years old. My favorite band is The Beatles, I love potatoes and I like to play anything that has to do with magic with my friends. I also do ballet and soccer to feel healthy and strong. My cat, Gizmo, is great. I joined the No Smoking Room project because I thought it would be fun and helpful. I want to help others learn how bad smoking is.
Caroline Daisy GraphicMy name is Caroline and I am 8 years old. My favorite singer is James Taylor and I love pasta. I swim, play soccer and tennis, and I like to read. I think it is important to be active, which is easy to do with my dog Sandy. I wanted to be a part of the No Smoking Room to help people know that smoking can make you sick. Smoking is NOT COOL!
Claire Daisy GraphicMy name is Claire and my favorite bands are Fallout Boy and Colby Cailaet. Chicken Caesar Salad is one of my favorite meals. I enjoy spending time with my friends. We shop, have sleepovers and hangout on the computer. I stay healthy by playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, track and swimming. I also enjoy drama, art and gym class, and my dog Toby. Being a part of the No Smoking Room, I can be a part of something that in the future could make me a stronger, healthier person. I can give other girls support and convince them that when they’re feeling down, smoking should not be an option.
Hailey Daisy GraphicMy name is Hailey and I am 8 years old. My favorite singer is Avril Lavigne and I like pasta. Me and my friends like to hang out talking and I also like to play soccer. Art and reading are my best subjects. I always eating breakfast to stay healthy and I spend a lot of time outside with my family. I joined the No Smoking Room because my friend did and I think other girls will read our tips to live smoke-free.
Isabella Daisy GraphicMy name is Isabella and my favorite singer is Avril Lavigne. There’s nothing like good pasta for me. I like to play on the computer with my friends, but I also stay active by playing tennis, volleyball and soccer. I like art, music, math, lunch and recess just as much as being active. I love my dog Babba and playing games with my family. I thought it would be fun and help girls stop smoking. That’s why I’m a part of the No Smoking Room project.
Kaitlyn Daisy GraphicMy name is Kaitlyn and I am 13 years old. My favorite bands are Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance. I like to hang out, watch movies, act silly, and scream out loud, but I also swim. My favorite subject is language arts. I stay healthy by wrestling my little brother. My cat’s name is Minnie and my rat’s name is Sugar. I like to watch movies, play games, and take trips with my family. I think that smoking is bad for you and I want to help other girls know that too.
Maddy Daisy GraphicMy name is Maddy and my favorite singer is Hannah Montana. My favorite food is ice cream! When I am with my friends, I like to shop and play basketball and soccer. At school, I like gym, art and drama class. Everyday I Exercise eat healthy. My dog’s name is Toby. When I am with my family, I think about happy times and memories. I became involved with the No Smoking Room because I think it can make a difference and prevent girls from smoking.
Taylor Daisy Graphic My name is Taylor and I really like Hannah Montanna. I eat lots of apples and when I am with my friends, we play Polly Pockets or Pet Shops. I also like to play soccer, T-ball, and golf. Health and spelling are really the only subjects I truly like. I always make sure to eat a big breakfast, just like my cat Max. When I am with my family, we like to go out for dinner and to the movies. I joined the No Smoking Room project because I want to share the message that smoking is bad for you and I want smoking to stop!
  Daisy GraphicMy name is Jacqueline, I’m 13 years old, and my favorite band is My Chemical Romance and Moldy Peaches. They sound great eating my favorite vegetable fried rice. Me and my friends we talk a lot, about music, books, life, the future…I also like to dance, which keeps me healthy. I like language arts, social studies and sing in the chorus. I have Dalai-Dog and Scooter-Cat as pets. I am a part of the No Smoking room because I wanted to help our environment by preventing more people from smoking. I have parents who smoke. I can help girls who find themselves around smokers learn how to stay away from smokers.